Secure Access to Forum

Due to a high number of spam registrations attempting to gain access to our forum we have placed a generic user account at the server level you need to use. This is in addition to your own username and password for the forum. Details to use are:

username: planetdk
password: forum

[Jan 21, 2008 - |D|K|Viper]

Call of Duty 4 Server

We've currently got a Call of Duty 4 server running. You can find it at It's 24 slots, and plays a mixture of maps and gametypes. You can find out more here

[Jan 15, 2008 - |D|K|Wee]

|D|K| IRC Channel

Feel free to drop by our chat room #|D|K| on Quakenet using irc. Instructions on how to do this are here

[Jan 9, 2008 - |D|K|Wee]