|D|K| - |Digital Knightmares| founded originally by 'Gay_Burns' & 'Sleeper' in August 2000 under the name of |BoB| 'Band of Brothers'. After playing competitively under the old name with Wolfenstein (the game of the time) until April 2001 we rebranded ourselves as the |Digital Knightmares|. Viper joined in December 2000 under |BoB| and was later made a Clan Leader after proving his worth to the clan. Together all 3 now run the |D|K| Clan.

The clan became competitive again with Soldier of Fortune 2 in the Summer of 2002 and proved quite successful expanding to around 20 members at one point. This continued until the Spring of 2003 when it became apparent that SOF2 no longer had the magic. Since then we have run a succesful Counter Strike: Source, and Battlefield 2 server. As people began to tire of BF2, World of Warcraft came along and caught a number of members in its addictive tentacles. |D|K| went quiet, scattering it's members to the furthest reaches of the net to seek the violence and bloodshed they sought.

In early 2008 at attempt has been made to pump some life back into the once 'all slaughtering' |D|K|....This is where you join us now

Clan Philosophy

The idea behind the name was to create a group of individuals who have a common goal of playing online for fun and cause sporting mayhem on servers. Many clans exist to fullfill a competitive need for a single game and members often move on to other clans for different games. Many players suffer from burnout or cannot be relied upon to make a clan successfull at competitive play.

This is where |D|K| differs.

Our members now consist of a small community of individuals whose common goal is to have fun online with like minded individuals. We're not tied specifically to any one game or even one platform, although PC is the dominant choice. Our main goal is to have fun and ensure the people around us do as well. If you wish to play competitive there are many clans out there that can fullfill your need to become a number. We aim to make everyone an individual and treat them as such. We are aware a lot of people like to play online and build up friendships but havent the time or organisation to play competively and have other commitments at work and home. |D|K| pride themselves in fullfilling this aspect of online gaming.

You'll find the members of |D|K| proud to portray themselves as members of the clan as we have built up associations with other like minded clans such as eQx. Its a very good feeling when you find people joining different servers and different games but still recognising you and respecting you. Our aim is to not collect the cream of players but the ones with personality and keen sense of friendship. All we ask is that you take the time to get to know us and hang out in IRC even if you're idling or playing online.

Gay_Burns, Sleeper & Viper
Clan Leaders & Founders of the |Digital Knightmares|