Clan Server

|Digital Knightmares|

Call of Duty 4:


All are welcome and most |D|K|'s are admins.
We operate a policy whereby |D|K| members gain proiority access to the server so on occasion we may kick people to let in a |D|K|'r. Please do not take this personally and we will always try to be fair when choosing the person to kick, it will normally be last in first out.

|D|K|PeepingTom, |D|K|Reaper, |D|K|Viper, |D|K|Wee are the Clan Leaders if you need to contact anyone. You can find us on IRC on Quakenet, #|D|K|


|D|K| are also currently running a Team Speak Server.

Details for this can be found in the clan forums.


In the past |D|K| have successfully run the following servers:

Counter Strike Source, Soldier of Fortune 2, Wolfenstein : Enemy Territory, Call of Duty & Battlefield 2.